Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage beyond the limits of your existing policies, such as homeowners, auto, or renters insurance. This policy ensures extra financial protection and peace of mind in the event of significant claims.

Insurance Product

Umbrella Insurance Coverage Tailored to Your Needs

Umbrella insurance is designed to offer comprehensive additional liability coverage, providing an extra layer of protection that goes beyond the limits of your primary insurance policies It covers a wide range of risks, including bodily injury, property damage, and personal liability claims

Umbrella insurance can be especially beneficial in situations where the costs of a claim exceed the coverage limits of your underlying policies By having umbrella insurance, you ensure that your assets and financial future are safeguarded against substantial claims and lawsuits, allowing you to maintain your peace of mind

Coverages Offered

Excess Liability Coverage

  • Additional coverage for bodily injury claims exceeding your primary policy limits
  • Extra protection for property damage claims that surpass your existing coverage
  • Financial safeguard for personal liability claims beyond standard policy limits

Excess liability coverage provides additional coverage beyond the limits of your underlying policies, protecting your assets from significant claims.

Broader Coverage

  • Coverage for incidents not included in homeowners, auto, or renters policies
  • Protection against certain lawsuits, such as libel or slander
  • Expanded coverage for various liability risks

Broader coverage extends the protection to include risks and scenarios that may not be covered by your primary insurance policies.

Legal Defense Costs

  • Payment for attorney fees and court costs
  • Coverage for legal expenses in prolonged or complex cases
  • Financial support for settlements and judgments

Legal defense costs coverage helps pay for the legal expenses incurred in defending against liability claims that exceed your primary policy limits.

Worldwide Coverage

  • Protection for incidents that happen outside your home country
  • Coverage for international travel-related liability claims
  • Extended protection for personal and business activities abroad

Worldwide coverage ensures that you are protected against liability claims no matter where they occur, providing global peace of mind.

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