Medicare Insurance

Medicare insurance provides essential health coverage for seniors, helping to cover medical expenses and offering peace of mind.

Insurance Product

Medicare Insurance Coverage Tailored to Your Needs

Medicare insurance is designed to offer comprehensive health coverage for seniors, covering a range of medical services and expenses It includes various parts such as Part A (Hospital Insurance), Part B (Medical Insurance), Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans), and Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage)

Additionally, Medigap policies help cover out-of-pocket costs not covered by Original Medicare With Medicare insurance, seniors can access necessary medical care without worrying about high costs, ensuring they receive the healthcare they need as they age

Coverages Offered

Medicare Part A: Hospital Insurance

  • Inpatient hospital care: Semi-private rooms, meals, and general nursing.
  • Skilled nursing care: Limited coverage for rehabilitation services.
  • Hospice care: Coverage for terminally ill patients including doctor services and supplies.

Covers inpatient hospital stays, skilled nursing care, hospice care, and some home health care.

Medicare Part B: Medical Insurance

  • Doctor's services: Medically necessary services from healthcare providers.
  • Outpatient care: Lab tests, surgeries, and doctor visits.
  • Medical supplies: Durable medical equipment like wheelchairs and walkers.

Covers doctors' services, outpatient care, medical supplies, and preventive services.

Medicare Part C: Medicare Advantage Plans

  • All-in-one coverage: Combines Medicare Part A and Part B in one plan.
  • Additional benefits: Vision, hearing, dental, and wellness programs.
  • Provider networks: Use specific healthcare providers and facilities.

Alternative to Original Medicare, provided by private insurance companies.

Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage

  • Prescription drug coverage: Covers cost of medications.
  • Formulary: List of covered drugs.
  • Network pharmacies: Use network pharmacies for lowest costs.

Helps cover the cost of prescription drugs and vaccines.

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